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Mission to Creativity

Island Arts 2017: On A Mission to Creativity

…and what better place could you find to nurture your own creativity – the creation of beauty – than on the Lake Champlain Islands, a peaceful, green place, surrounded by water and mountains. Numerous small villages dot the landscapes of gently rolling hills, forests, fields, and farms. This is the place where you can let go, unleash your creative side, and discover a new artistic endeavor or act upon an already existing artistic passion.

Waiting to help you on this journey is another hidden treasure you will find here. That treasure is the large number of artists and teachers who make up the faculty of the Island Arts Academy. These instructors bring to their classes a passion for what they do and a deep understanding of how to help you realize your own passions.

Following its mission – to foster and promote artistic creativity in the communities of the Lake Champlain Islands – Island Arts began the Island Arts Academy in the summer of 2008. The first Academy in 2008 offered 4 courses.

We in the Island Arts Academy believe that a major ingredient necessary for a truly meaningful life is creativity, which can make the difference between a mundane and an exciting existence. So whether you are young or old or anywhere in between, the Academy is ready to help you unleash your creative potential. Please look through the courses listed here and see all the possibilities to enhance and deepen your life experiences. Then sign up for one or more classes and experience the creative opportunities that the Islands have to offer.